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Additional Features of Home Package
This package of jyotish software leostar also contains fundamental astrological calculations and tables. Various tables which are required in astrological studies are included in it in this software of jyotish. This software of jyotish is specially designed for astrologer & astrology students who want to make horoscope for consultation or study purpose. This jyotish software is also good for family who wish to cast horoscope for their family members or match horoscope of their children for marriage. This Jyotish software also gives you real value of money, contains astrological calculations, various books on astrology, Vastu, Palmistry and Numerology, 21 system of Horary to get instant answer to your query without feeding birth details, can give detailed printing on all size stationery.

Supports all Astrological Systems.
The modules that one gets in Leostar home package are Teva, Tables and matching.

Leostar gives complete calculation Teva-Lagna Charts, Sun Charts, Moon Chart, 16 Varg Charts, Dasha-Vimshottari, Shodashttari, Yogini, Ashottari,char,Kalchakra Dasha upto 5 levels, Planet Degrees/House, Avakhada, Remedies, Matching.

The principles of horoscope matching have been incorporated in Leostar after the comprehensive and thorough study of these principles.

Remedies – Gem selection, Gem wearing, Mantras, Donation, Sade-Sati, manglik vichar,kal Sarp Yoga, Manglik Vichar.

Longitudes/Latitudes- Coordinate database of over 20000 cities.

Ghatipal - Choice of Indian calendar & ghatipal for birth detail entry

Detail Report - Detailed report on Astakoot Gun Milan

Manglik Dosh - Manglik Dosh Compatibility

Languages: Leostar home comes in Hindi and English languages.