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Learn C (Onscreen Training)


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Learn C (Onscreen Training)

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This Is A Computer Based Training Course for Computer Language C. It’s Useful For Students And Professional Who Want To Learn Programming. It Takes Through Its Different Stages By Explaining Various Examples. This Is Complete Computer Base Training Course for Computer Language C. It’s fully Interactive with Screen Shoots. It Covers Electronic Text with Voice Over

Introduction to Programming
Programming Techniques
Procedural Programming
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Algorithm and Flowchart
Fundamentals of C Language
Characters Used In C
Identifier, Constant
Operators and Expressions
Input/output Functions
Assignment Statement
Running a Program Using Turbo C
Running a Program in Unix Environment
Control Statement in C
Nested If-Else Statement
Switch Statement
Loop Control Structures in C
Loop Control Statements
Nested For Statement or Nested For Loop
Do-While Statement or Do While Loop
Arrays and Subscripted Variables
One Dimensional Array
String Manipulations in C
String Handling Functions In C
Reading/Writing Strings
Additional String Handling Functions
Functions in C
Uses of Functions
Function Declaration
Local or Internal Variables
Storage Classes in C
Structures and Unions
Structure Variables and Arrays
Structure within Structures
Pointer Declaration
Address Operator & Indirection Operator
Pinter with Arrays
File Processing
Errors during File Processing
C Preprocessor and Command Line Argument
Macro Substitution
Command Line Arguments
Graphics Using C
Monitor K the Visual Display Device
Setting Text Modes
Computer Animation


Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/VISTA/WIN 7/WIN 8 (32 -64 BIT)