Red Astro Professional Version-6.0


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RED ASTRO Professional (Version - 6.0)


Xp, Vista, Win 7 Compatible


List of Contents

  1. Birth Charts & Kundalis According to Lal Kitab
  2. Birth Charts & Kundalis According to Vedic Astrology
  3. Astrological Particulars According to Vedic Astrology
  4. Charts and Info of Lal Kitab, like Friendships Charts, Masnui Planets, Definitions of Planets situated in different Houses, Sleeping Planets, Planets of Pakka Ghar, Luck Activator Planets, Kayam Planets, Virtuous Planets.
  5. Lal Kitab Dasha
  6. All Aspects related to Lal Kitab (Main Aspect, Planetary Aspect, Aspect of Confrontation, Aspect of Foundation, Aspect of Deception, Aspect of Joint-Wall, Aspect of Sudden Strike, Aspect of Mutual Assistance)
  7. Assumption of Native Palm According to Lal-Kitab
  8. Birth Charts & Kundalis for Varshaphal According to Lal-Kitab
  9. Vimshottari Dasha (Dasha, Antara Dasha, Patyantara Dasha, Shookshma Dasha & Prana Dasha)
  10. Marriage Matching Based on Date/Time of Birth
  11. Marriage Matching Based on First Character of name (Adyakshar)
  12. Well organized Work-Screens for Main Charts, Varsha Phala, Monthly, Daily, Hourly Charts etc.
  13. Provision for Customized Upay and Predictions
  14. General Predictions According to Lal Kitab
  15. Bhava Based Predictions and Upay According to Lal Kitab
  16. Life Analysis from Lal Kitab (Education, Health, Wealth, Employment, Business, Service, House, Marriage and Family life, Prospect and Health of children, Travel etc.)
  17. Predictions of Two, Three and Four Joint Planets
  18. Predictions and Checking for - Kundali of Blind Planets, Kundali of Half Blind Planets, Dharmi (Pious) Kundali, Nabalig Kundali, KalSarp Yoga - Effects and Remedies, Raj Yoga in Lal Kitab, Debt in LalKitab - Effects and Remedies, Manglik blemish (Dosha) in LalKitab - Effects and Remedies, Permissible and non-permissible remedies in Lal-Kitab
  19. Ratna and Rudraksha related predictions According to Vedic Astrology
  20. General Predictions and Remedies According to Lal-Kitab Varsha-Phala
  21. Other Important Predictions According to Lal-Kitab Varsha-Phala



Notable Features

  1. Provision for Setting Printing Styles.
  2. Quick Planets details Viewer
  3. 100% Accurate Predictions
  4. Provision to cast National and International Charts
  5. Vast Database of places (About 2,50,000 places)
  6. North, South, East and Srilankan Chart Styles.
  7. 10 Types of Ayanamshas