Trustport 10PC 1Year Antivirus


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Trustport 10PC 1Year Antivirus

Top benefits: Silent security / Uncompromising detection / Optimized interface / four easy profiles
Basic features
• On-access scanner
• On-demand scanner
• Scheduling tasks
• Security logs
• Protection of Removable media
• Creation of a recovery boot disk

Double engine technology: The antivirus core is based on two scanning engines, which may be individually turned on or off for different purposes. In order to scan as fast as possible, processed data is handed over seamlessly from one engine to the other.
Signature scanning: The antivirus scans the data with the help of a regularly updated virus database. Countless new signatures come in every day, keeping the antivirus continuously prepared for current threats.
Heuristic scanning: Even completely fresh malware, not yet included in the virus database, can be stopped, using progressive data analysis. Heuristic scanning may slow down the computer; however, it can help detect a new threat.
Preset profiles: The user does not have to know much about the software in order to set it up. They can simply choose one of the four preset security modes, ranging from a paranoid mode, right down to a silent mode.
Found malware handling: Any infected file will be handled either automatically or manually, according to the individual settings. The file may be:  completely deleted, Moved to quarantine, Neutralized by renaming, repaired if possible, Prevented from being opened
Updating the software: Different modules get updated in different cycles. Each antivirus engine, for instance has its own cycle. Both automated updates at any given time and manual offline updates are available
Automated media protection:  Any removable media such as a flash drive or a memory card will be automatically scanned for viruses, or the user will be asked to confirm such an action. This means all the gateways to the computer are under control.
Application inspector: All applications are sorted into three categories: Some are allowed with full access rights, some have restricted rights to access important system locations, and some are blocked for good.
Rescue disk: There are two methods available for the creation of an antivirus boot disk:
• A plug-in for Bart’s Preinstalled Environment
• Windows Pre-installation Environment
Remotely managed: The software is fully compatible with Trust Port Management, enabling its remote installation, configuration, and maintenance on multiple computers in a network.
• Superior shield looking over your most critical and vulnerable applications
• Blocks exploit kits in the browser and in the most frequently misused software
• Prevents downloading of malicious software

Minimum system requirements: CPU: Intel Pentium IV or compatible RAM: 512 MB HDD: 420 MB free space
Supported operating systems:  Windows 8, 7 / Windows Vista /Windows XP
Languages:  Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian